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I am a young man who struggled to find work in another province.  In January 2012 I flew out to Calgary with the sole purpose of job-hunting.  I worked closely with Ann Belisle of PREO Enterprises and she coached me through the entire job-hunting process.  She developed a system that worked well with my personality and as a non-judgmental person she was quite open to accommodating my various quirks.  I was discouraged and angry at times and she took it all in stride - keeping me positive and calm.

As a result of her hard work and generous support, I am now living and working in Calgary.  I secured a stable electrical apprenticeship position with a reputable company.  Thank you, Ann.  Without your continued support and encouragement I doubt I would have seen the process through to the end.  When I’m ready to open my own company, you can be sure that Ann will be the first person I call to help me set it all up.

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Ann is a very versatile professional. With her varied abilities she has provided us with office support as well as personal support. She has been a blessing in advising us with organizing various aspects of our home life as well as our home office file system; both paper and electronic. Ann made us the loveliest “personal cards” that we have been handing out to all our contacts. I am a retired teacher and have kept involved with various activities over the years. The support provided by Ann with report writing and correspondence editing has been immensely helpful.

Most recently my husband and I made the difficult decision to move out of our country home into more age-appropriate accommodations. We are a retired couple in our late 70’s and this has been a very emotional process. Ann has been kind, comforting, compassionate and encouraging. She has helped us to downsize by selling various household items. All this has been accomplished off-site. With video conferencing readily available, it has made communication from afar much easier.

We have found the new computer world rather daunting and Ann has shown patience and skill in her ability to guide us through certain processes.


Thank you so much Ann… you have been a God-send!


The vast skill set that Ann possesses and has access to continues to be an immense asset to our company’s office management and administrative needs.  She has helped with contract wording that has passed before a lawyer, formatting and delivery for contractors, sub-contractor’s and employees alike.

When revamping the office, she provided advice on office layout, furniture choices, visual impact, etc.  Response time of urgent tasks has always been respectfully received and delivered as requested.  She has gone far beyond the boundaries of 9-5 office hours to complete tasks and is never above duties required.

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Ann of PREO Enterprises has been an incredible asset.  We have worked together since August 2012, at times sporadically and at times full time, depending on my scheduling and needs.  She is prompt and presents professionally.   She has helped to merge my home and RE/MAX offices into one.  Initially, we started with several big intimidating and disorganized piles of documents, mixed in with various other things… and ended with a complete organized office system that functions according to my working style.  Over the next few months, Ann has helped me develop office manuals and procedures that will be helpful in the future, she has created several spreadsheets that will help me with tracking data in my business, she has drafted letters and created templates.  Ann continues to be a strong support in my business that I can depend on; she takes my thoughts and ideas and helps me to gather them into a process that makes sense, she keeps me on track with deadlines, works with my priority-setting and time-management goals as well as providing me with relevant and useful feedback.  The thing that I find most impressive and easy to work with is the 31-day and 12-month tracking system that I use with an existing app.  Simplicity is a beautiful and powerful thing.  Thank you, Ann.

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Al owned Carmen’s Bistro, a restaurant in Tempe, Arizona.   After an unexpected chain of events, Al found himself suddenly without staff. He didn't have the know-how, the time or the money to put ads in the local paper.  So he called PREO Enterprises.  Six hours later PREO had free ads posted for him and within twelve hours he had received seven calls, two emails and had set up five interviews.



Ann Belisle of PREO Enterprises has worked for me on and off over the past few years.  She has successfully provided data entry services as well as various administrative tasks for my accounting firm when I was short of staff.  She has always been professional and prompt with a positive attitude toward each task.

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