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My creative side has been left dormant for many years, but has since been rekindled and what fun it has been!

As someone with OCD as well as ADHD, I find my art is my escape!

My intention for Black Hole Art is to display varying forms of visual art.

Black Hole Art was designed to incorporate

all types of visual creativity and thus far,

I have 3 creative lines

Diamond Painting

Resin Art

Alcohol Ink Painting.

Artboard 10.png

Black Hole Art

Creative Lines


Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting is basically paint-by-number with rhinestones. This can be done with pre-designed
“paintings” or it can be created with a custom design. With this method, you can really bring a favorite picture to life!


Resin Art

Resin Art is almost all-encompassing. Creations of all nature can be created. The limit is your
imagination (or mine!). Examples are coasters, plaques, clocks, canvas images, block creations such as
sceneries, etc. Things that can be included in Resin Art are candies, floral, dried fruit, ashes from a loved
one, trinkets, almost anything!


Alcohol Ink Painting

Alcohol Ink Art can be two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional. So far, I have only dabbled in the
two-dimensional form.

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