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What does PREO stand for?

Professional, Responsible, Experienced, On-line


Do you provide short-term, one-time services?

YES.  You can have a one-time contract.


If I want ongoing services, do I have to commit to a certain amount of hours?

NO.  What you need is what you get.  Your contract can be specific to a project.  You can detail what exactly you need.


Do you provide reception services?

Not right now.   PREO is expanding all the time.  If there is enough demand, we could incorporate such services.


Do I have to sign a new contract every time I want a project done?

No.  PREO offers an open-ended contract option.  Each invoice will specify individual projects.


Will you come to my home or office if I need?

YES.  PREO aims to be as flexible as possible.  See our “services” to view a list of on-sight options.


Why should I choose PREO?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We assure this by providing the best service available. Below you will find some qualities that set us apart from the competition.

    • Quality - PREO provides superior administrative support by utilizing a wealth of experience and resources. We recognize our vested interest in your satisfaction and success and strive to exceed your expectations with every project.

    • Personal Attention - We realize each client has a unique set of needs and expectations for his/her business. Each client is given equal and individual attention; we take the time to understand your business. This allows us to effectively work as an extension of your business, rather than just another pair of hands.

    • Initiative - In forming ongoing relationships we learn to anticipate client's needs. We are also able to provide insight into ways our clients can grow and improve their businesses.

    • Network - Although you will be working closely with one individual PREO takes advantage of a vast alliance of dedicated professionals.  This allows us to provide exceptional service in a variety of fields.  It also enables us to expedite large projects and ensure your needs are met.

    • Turn-Key Solutions - We offer full service solutions from general clerical tasks to in-depth consultation services. Clients can be as involved in the administrative aspects of their business as they choose, and are given flexibility in doing so.


How does PREO communicate and work with clients from a distance?

There are a number of methods available to communicate with clients.  We use email for a majority of interactions as it's almost instantaneous and available for viewing at the clients’ convenience.  Depending on your needs you can also reach your assistant by telephone, instant messenger, or fax.

Today's technology closes the distance between our office and yours.  Email, remote access programs, and file transfer offerings allow for easy project exchange.  Traditional mail remains an option for some items as well.

All these options can seem overwhelming to some.  We will gladly work within your comfort zone, and tend to all the details in setting up a system that works well for you.


I’ve heard the term “Virtual Assistant” (VA).  What is it?  Is that what PREO does?

Yes.  PREO provides some VA services (remote) and some on-site services.

There are many definitions of what a Virtual Assistant is.

PREO subscribes to this definition… “A Virtual Assistant is an independent entrepreneur contracted to provide administrative and creative services based on their experience and skill set. Utilizing varying modes of communication and data delivery a professional VA assists clients in their area(s) of expertise from a remote location.”


How do I know if remote (virtual) services are right for me?

Most likely you've realized that you're spending more time on administrative and marketing tasks than you would like to and this lost time dramatically reduces your availability to generate revenue.  You also likely see growth in the future, but don't have the means or desire for traditional staffing.  Next you need to assess your personality traits and skills.

Here are some skills that are vital to a successful remote relationship:

    • Tech-savvy:  As the majority of services are provided remotely it is helpful if you're comfortable using email and other forms of technology to communicate.  It is even better if you're interested in using / learning new technologies to facilitate business efficiency and communication.

    • Articulate:  Being able to articulate your goals allows us to develop an in-depth understanding of your operation, its’ needs, and any projects at hand.

    • Delegate:  You must be able to delegate key tasks.  Micro-management is not possible with this type of a relationship.

    • Organized:  It is important that you are well organized.  PREO services multiple clients so we may not be immediately available.  PREO will always do our best to accommodate you if a "last minute" situation does arise, but it creates much less anxiety if the frequency of these emergency tasks is limited through organization and planning.  If organization is not your strong suit, PREO is glad to help!

Once you're sure that your personality type is one that will allow a productive remote relationship, the final step is making sure the company is right for you!  Choose a company or individual you feel comfortable with and that is experienced in providing the support you're likely to require.  This skilled professional will seamlessly transition you into your custom support plan.


How do I pay for services provided by PREO?

PREO receives cheques, PayPal, money orders, bank draft or email money transfer (TD) for payment of services rendered.


What are the benefits of using remote or VA services?

There are innumerable benefits to partnering with a VA.

Some to consider include:

  • Receiving high quality services economically - no overhead, payroll taxes, or personnel issues as our services are provided off-site on a contract basis.

  • Freeing up additional time to spend on revenue generating tasks that are necessary for long term business success.

  • Gaining an additional perspective on ways to improve your operation, increase your bottom line, and reach your goals.

  • Minimal training (if any) is required.

  • A variety of service plans from long term help with "the big picture" to one-time projects.

  • Increased efficiency - you pay only for actual time on task.

  • For additional information please visit our benefits page.


What are your confidentiality / ethics policies?

PREO was founded on honesty and integrity.  All our service agreements contain extensive confidentiality provisions as we understand the importance of your privacy.

At no time will we knowingly participate in any action that conflicts with our clients' best interests.

We guarantee that all services will be performed by personnel deemed competent by industry standards.


How do we arrange service?

Simply complete our contact form and we will be happy to schedule a convenient time for your complimentary phone consultation.  After we have discussed your needs and designed a custom tailored service plan to address each of them we will present you with a service agreement.  After the agreement is accepted and any required deposit is made we will begin service.

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