Software Development

Lance Belisle

Senior Software Development Specialist

After 20+ years of working in the software industry, my role as Software Developer has grown from programming in assembler for embedded systems into the latest mission critical systems developed using C++, C#, Java, SQL in mixed mode development and multi-platform development.  I bring a depth and breadth of knowledge that only experience can deliver in understanding and implementing complex systems.  The typical role has been one of being involved in the design and architect and then implementing a framework on which the application will be built.  I also have a lot of experience with re-organizing, refactoring a large existing application to extend its functionality using modern programming design patterns with minimal impact on existing legacy code.  There is a long and proven track record of delivering quality products on time.

I have worked in the area of Defense, Public Safety and Security, High Technology and Critical infrastructure.  More recently I worked in the gas and oil industry delivering solutions gas charts analysis.   I am willing to work either on contract or as an employee, either on site or from my home office.




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