Remote / Off-Site Administrative Services

Thanks to modern technology you have an option that by far surpasses the traditional staffing solutions.

Often times employers will look at the hourly rate they pay for traditional support and fail to see "The Big Picture". When you have employees, you are responsible for all related taxes, required insurance, office space, equipment, and benefits. Temporary labor can reduce the hidden costs, but still requires an investment in space, equipment, and training. The chart below compares the average annual cost of full time and part time (20 hours per week) employees with equivalent outsourcing services.

Document Standardization

Your company has been set up for a few years, but your documents have all been created by different people and they don’t share the same “look”.  We can take those documents and standardize them to ensure a unified look.

Data Entry - Basic Text

Scan in your rough notes (or mail them) and we can type it up and send you the file.

Data Entry - Financial

Planning on doing your own taxes this year?  Are you discouraged by the thought of sorting through all the receipts and paperwork?  Call us and we will straighten it all out for you, log your expenses into a spreadsheet that will provide you with totals that you can easily insert into your tax form.  We can sort through your paperwork every year or we can teach you how to use a simple system that will keep you organized and will simplify the process for you.

Spreadsheet Design

You need to track your finances and need a spreadsheet set up that you can use, you have a staff and want to monitor vacation days.  Whatever your need is, we can come up with a spreadsheet that is geared toward your specific requirements and is easy to use.

Letter Writing

Sometimes we have difficult letters we want written.  You let us know the subject matter and the issue as well as the resolution required and we will draft a letter for you.

Document Formatting

You have written a report and need it formatted.  You can send the file to us, we will set it up properly and send back the completed file, formatted to your specifications.

Proof Reading and Basic Editing

You need to have a fresh set of eyes go over your document(s) to check for errors or inconsistencies... the spell checker doesn’t catch everything.

Internet Research

If you need that piece of info but don't have time to find out or you have a topic you need researched with specific points required, we can hunt it down for you.

Document and Photo Scan

Send us your photos or documents and we can transfer them to digital *.pdf format and send it back on CD.  This is ideal if you want to reduce your paper files and manage things electronically.

Voice to Print

Transcription from voice recording – old micro tape and new digital) if you attended a meeting and recorded it and require it in writing, we can transfer the recorded audio to print; or you like to dictate and need your material transferred to print.

Flyers, Newsletters

You want/need to create a flyer or newsletter for your hockey team, or for your new business.  We can discuss with you how you would like it to look and what content you want in it.  We can send you the file to be sent out for printing, or we can print it for you.  We can also coordinate mass mailing.

Mass Mailings

If you want us to coordinate a newsletter plus the mailing, or you have a large mailing you need sent out, or you’re a large company and have a huge presentation to coordinate, you could even be a small or medium sized business with monthly or quarterly newsletter or information sheet.  Give us a call to see what we can work out.