Organized Paper Files

Digital Filing

Does your desk look like this?

Organize & deClutter

How much of your valuable time each week is spent sorting through clutter, feeling overwhelmed and behind, or frustrated with administrative tasks? Disorganization is a limitation that affects the speed your business can grow and prosper. Is your lack of organization holding back your potential for success? Many small businesses and entrepreneurs realize quickly that they don’t have the time, the skills or even the desire to manage the tasks associated with operating a successful business. PREO can set you and help you maintain your system so you can succeed.

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity is a result of getting yourself organized. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if you could find that file exactly where you expect it to be instead of spending 15 minutes looking for it.

Time Management

We can teach you how to manage your time better and how to organize your thoughts and schedule your meetings and appointments that will maximize the time you have in your daily routine.

Digital deCluttering

Are your digital files all over the place? Can’t find anything? Get organized today; have PREO set up your new organized file system in a logical method so you can get back to creating more files and finding them when you need to!

Organize your Office

Organization is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. For your business, that end is higher productivity leading to increased profit. PREO will organize your work space and business processes; categorize your files and determine what system would work best for you. If you have a vision, we can implement that vision. If you have no idea even where to start, PREO will assess your needs and come up with a solution that works for you and your existing staff.


We do spreadsheets for home use too! Let's say you're a coach and want to keep track of score points, or you need to track your finances and need a spreadsheet set up that you can use, we can come up with a spreadsheet that is geared toward your specific requirements and is easy to use.


Old and new. Paper and digital. We can help you with it all. Perhaps you want to make a photo book or organize your photos and just don't have the time to fuss through the mess? Or maybe you want to be able to share your photos with others using a web-based photo-share option. We can set that up for you.

Organize & deClutter Your Home

Your home should be your refuge… that place you go to decompress, to be calm; peaceful. That is a big “should”. But what happens when it’s full of clutter? Do you cringe when you open the door to a certain room or closet? What happens when a friend pops by unexpectedly? Do you feel those uncomfortable pangs of shame. Please don’t say you’ve considered moving to a bigger house just to accommodate your stuff. Well, the good news is… you don’t have to! Your home is your sanctuary, your safe haven from the world. Clutter and disorganization can cause powerful feelings of frustration, anxiety, and even paralysis. PREO Enterprises can help you transform your home into that serene space you so crave at the end of a hard day. We want you to feel happy in your home. Your rooms should function in the manner they were made to.

Budget - Restructure Your Spending

Are you having difficulty keeping track of your spending? Don’t know where to start in creating a household budget? We can help go over your spending and create and workable budget for you as well as provide you with an easy to use financial tracking spreadsheet that will help you track your spending

Your space, Your solution

It is important that you understand that PREO won’t come into your home and take over. We will never come in with a judgmental attitude or force a system on you that doesn’t match your personality or way of doing things. The system we implement for you will have to work specifically for you and anyone else who lives in the space. Each person thinks and processes differently so it just goes to say that the same organizational system won’t work the same for everyone. We will come into your home, assess your needs, meet with you to go over the results. Then you can either implement the plan alone, or PREO can come back and help you through the process.

Your results from PREO

With PREO you get custom solutions that fit your personality, lifestyle and budget. The new skills you learn will benefit you immediately; you can also carry those skills into the future so you can successfully maintain the new system in a tidy and organized home you are proud of.

Areas PREO targets

Kids rooms
Garages, basements
Paper clutter
Financial organizing to track receipts and make bill paying happen on time (and will help at tax time)
Home office
Guest rooms
Laundry/utility rooms