On-Site Office & Admin Services

The flexibility of our contracting is the key component of our service support. We know that many people in small to medium sized businesses don't have the cash flow to hire a regular administrative assistant, but from time to time will require some support. Although I'm sure you have a wide variety of needs in your office, I have listed below the most popular requests.

New Office Start-Up

If you are opening a new office and need everything done, we can come in and set everything up from programming your fax to setting up your paper filing system as well as your electronic filing system. We can create your invoices and letterhead, coordinate having massive printings done, we could even help with the renovations, building and set-up of your office.

Office Re-Organization

Your office is totally disorganized and you need someone to come in and make sense of it. Or you are having difficulty getting your assistant to process material effectively. We will come in, find out how you would like things to work, then set up an process that will be designed for you and your assistant.

Presentation Preparation

We can contribute by collating presentation material. Call us in for a few hours and we will efficiently help to organize and collate your presentation material.

Real Estate Forms

As a real estate agent, you probably have a sporadic need with the forms you need processed when working with a client to either buy or sell a property. We can come in on an as-needed basis. We also provide off-site support as well (see our remote services for more details).

Fax Set-Up

Maybe you send a lot of faxes and want the most regularly used numbers put into the speed dial. we are not affiliated with all makes and models of printers, but we can certainly figure it out for you.

Weekly Tidy-Up

At the end of a week, your papers are scattered and unfiled, things are out of order. You want to start a brand new week with a clean work area but your weekend plans don’t allow for any free time to do that. You will demonstrate how you like things to be and we can come in, clean up, tidy up and have your work space ready for Monday morning.