Job Hunting Services

Need help finding a job?
Have you just been laid off?
Are you looking to change your career path?
Fresh out of school?
PREO can help! Either remotely or onsite!

We will...

- Conduct an interview with you to get a clear picture of your field of work
- Gain an in-depth understanding of your skill set and goals
- Set up a profile for you on several internet sites used by head-hunters such as LinkedIn and Workopolis
- Assist with cover letter and resume formatting
- Execute job search that targets your specialty
- Provide, on a daily basis, a detailed list of available jobs and contact information
- Maintain regular contact for status updates
- Remain exclusively available to you during the process
- Be available in other related capacity

We will not...

- Get a job for you
- Contact the prospective employer on your behalf
- Take responsibility for any failed job application attempts
- PREO does not guaranty success, but with us by your side, you definitely improve your chances of getting a job suited to your abilities and helps to ensure that you are employed as quickly as possible

How much will PREO do for you?

PREO has several options available to the client based on whatever contract will work best for them in their unique situation. We will be as involved as you want. You pay for what you choose

  • We can execute a fully-loaded assistance option where PREO plays a big part in the job-hunting process by providing information and guidance every step of the way. We will set up profiles for you on head-hunting sites and conduct editing and formatting for resumes and cover letters. We remain exclusively available to you through the process.
  • We will provide you with information and some guidance, but mostly you do your own thing.
  • We will provide you with only informaion.



2012-07    worked with a client in client services to secure management position
2012-03    worked with skilled sales person in changing career path
2012-01    worked with client trying to break into the mining business with no experience or training - client started on the job March 1st 2012
2011-12    client successfully secured permanent full-time work at a salary of $90,000.00/yr
2011-08    client secured part-time employment with financial firm at $15.75/h