"In Your Home" Services

With PREO on the job you will have a smoothly running home. No more wading through the mazes of boxes and stuff in the basement while you get to the back room. Your garage will be the envy of the block. When your environment is in order, you will be too. Your focus can return to the job at hand without the daily frustration of trying to chase after the smaller details, or digging through disorganized drawers; struggling with a process that doesn’t work. Studies have shown that when your surroundings are organized, you will feel better.

Garage Tidy and Organize

Your garage is totally disorganized and you're having difficulty finding tools, screws or bike parts that you know "is in there somewhere". We can come in, bin things, categorize, organize and label everything.

Kitchen Tidy and Organize

Your kitchen is a mess and you want those spices nicely labeled and organized. We will make that kitchen work for you.

Letter Writing

Sometimes we have difficult letters we want written whether it be a personal topic (ie, you need to communicate something to someone, or business related (that phone company is giving you a hard time and you need to make your concerns known to the management.

Personal Assistant

Any errands you have that you don't have time to do or you need some help in the house. You need something picked up but don’t have time.


We do spreadsheets for home use too! Let's say you're a coach and want to keep track of score points, or you need to track your finances and need a spreadsheet set up that you can use, we can come up with a spreadsheet that is geared toward your specific requirements and is easy to use.


Old and new. Paper and digital. We can help you with it all. Perhaps you want to make a photo book or organize your photos and just don't have the time to fuss through the mess? Or maybe you want to be able to share your photos with others using a web-based photo-share option. We can set that up for you.