Document & Manuscript Management Services

We offer a wide variety of “writing support”. We have the creative ideas, we just need the content from you to create what you are visualizing. In this technology era, you can publish your own book if you want. We can help with that. We can edit and format whatever book you want to write. You can either try to publish it in paperback or you can try the eBook style. If you don’t have the writing skills, or think you don’t, we can help you with that process as well. You don’t need a degree to write a good book. Some of us have the abilities and don’t even know it. Half the battle is getting over our own self doubt.

Resumé Writing

Complementing our job-hunting services, we also offer resume writing support.

Letter Writing

Sometimes we have difficult letters we want written whether it be a personal topic (ie, you need to communicate something to someone, or business related (that phone company is giving you a hard time and you need to make your concerns known to the management.

Document Formatting

You have written a book but don't know how it should be formatted. You can send the file to us (whether hand-written or electronic), we will set it up properly and send back the completed file, formatted to the correct specifications.


You need to have a fresh set of eyes go over your document(s) to check for errors or inconsistencies... the spell checker doesn't catch everything and neither can you after a while.

Children’s Books

So many of us have story ideas that are rattling around in our heads. Now you can write that story and have it published as a eBook. Or, just have it published in a book form to give to your children or grand children.


That novel you have always wanted to write is only a few steps away. Depending on the depth of the story and with the coaching support from PREO, you could complete your task within a year! Now is the time… just do it!

Recipe Books

Do you have a collection of recipes that are your favourites? Want to put them all in one place? Ever thought of presenting them in a book style? You could even sell them as an eBook. Let us help you with the process and you could see your dream come true!

Business Manual

PREO can help you create your business policies to create a Policies & Procedures Manual, or any other type of guide book you think would be helpful in your business. When you bring in new employees, a manual can be quite helpful in guiding them and reducing the interruptions to you as they learn their way around your office processes.

Business Plan

We can take your content and format it into a consistent and presentable package.

How-To Manual

Do you have a knack for instruction? Do you help others by providing direction on how to use things? Want to set up a how-to book series? Now you can!


Has it been a desire of yours to write a book? Writing it is in itself a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t end there. Trying to get it published can be a real challenge. We can help you wade through all the confusion to help you achieve your goal.

Your Life’s Story

You have had an incredible life and would like to get it down to share with others. You can provide the content and we can help you present it in an appealing manner with your own photos and comments.

Memory Books

Perhaps your child is turning 25 and you would like to present them with a book of old photos and classic family stories. We can help you with the selection process and the