About PREO

  PREO Enterprises launched on April 1st, 2011.

The focus of the “administrative” side of PREO is primarily to help overwhelmed professionals who are burdened with administrative tasks.  The “alternative” part of PREO is to offer remote as well as on-site administrative services.  With changing times, and changing business needs, PREO is offering outsourcing services to companies who need help with their administrative needs.  With the availability of a wide range of talents and skills, PREO reaches across a variety of industries, and with the aid of modern technology we’re able to stretch beyond geographic boundaries.

PREO has provided support for financial advisors, accountants, the food industry, home-owners, and corporate businesses alike.  The small-medium and home-based businesses that lack the space and budget required to support in‑house office staff can benefit the most. PREO can cover most short-term on-site requirements in Airdrie as well as Calgary and the surrounding area.  We can also provide remote services to just about anywhere.  It’s the perfect solution to today’s business challenges.  The “work from home” idea is becoming more popular with every year.  You no longer have to go into an office to have access to your secretary or clerical assistant, but you do still need to get organized.

The need for on-site administrative support is no longer as necessary as it once was.  With an ever increasing supply of software, do-it-yourself at home is more accessible to everyone.  But not everyone has the know-how or time to learn.  Usually when we need something done, we need it done “now”.  That’s where PREO comes in.  Help is just a call away and we are ready to provide support to your unique needs.  We are trained, and continue to renew our knowledge; we have access to a multitude of experience and sources we can connect to in order to help you meet all your needs. 

PREO offers a unique solution to today’s business demands in a more affordable and easily accessible way.  We can meet your needs by providing both on-site and off-site support in a way that is not an ongoing commitment to staff, extended health care group coverage, a workspace, a computer.

Ann Belisle


Administrative Department

As Director of the Administrative Department at PREO Enterprises, I am an administrative assistant by nature and profession.  I have a diverse list of skills that I am eager to utilize.  If required, I also have access to a skill set other than my own that we can bring in if and when required.

I have over 20 years of experience working in different office environments in both government and private sector.   My strongest skill and passion is to organize:  from office to home.  I can revamp your office or organize your basement or garage.  You’ve seen the shows… room make-over, clutter-crazy type shows.  Just think of having an organized kitchen with tidy cupboards and labeled spices.  Imagine being able to find tools or that right size bolt in your newly organized garage.  Or you want to redo that room, but don’t have the ideas; or maybe you have the ideas, but don’t have help to implement them.  I am also willing to tackle areas unfamiliar to me, so if you need something done that is new to me, I am more than willing to learn how best to accomplish it for you.

There are more than just administrative needs.  PREO Enterprises is committed to making sure your business and/or home life runs as smoothly and easily as possible.  Whether your needs are on a larger scale or you are simply setting up an office at home, or a daycare, or you just need help with some task PREO Enterprises is the company that can help you.